If you are looking for tyres in Warrington, Lowton Motors can help you - we have tyres to suit any make and model of car, and can get you back driving safe, comfortable and legal in no time!

Your car's tyres are an extremely important part of your overall vehicle performance and safety, so it's important to keep them in good condition. In fact, it's even a legal requirement to keep your tyres above a certain level of wear - once they are too worn down, they pose a danger to you and other road users, lowering your grip on the road and your control over certain conditions. So make sure to check: do your tyres need replacing? If they do, Lowton Motor Company will be happy to provide the tyres Warrington and the surrounding area relies on to stay on the road.

What are the Signs that my Tyres Need to be Replaced?

There are a few signs which hint that your tyres need to be replaced - cuts and cracks in the tyre, bulges anywhere on the side of it, signs of damage from hard impacts or kerbing, or heavy wear in the outer tread pattern of the tyre. You can check your tyre's tread wear indicators, which should be small raised bars at the bottom of your treads to check how worn down they are - if the wear indicators are level with the outside rim of the tyre, your tyre is approaching the legal limit of wear and should be replaced as soon as possible. Lowton Motor Company can supply and fit the tyres Warrington needs to stay safe and legal on the road!

When Should I get my Tyres Replaced?

Your tyres may need to be replaced for any number of reasons. If one or more of these applies to your car, you can get in touch with Lowton Motor Company at any time on 01942 724009 or use the contact form on this website to submit an enquiry, or you can email us at any time on sales@lowtonmotorcompany.com, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible to arrange a booking and answer any questions that you might have!

You'll need to replace your tyres in the event that:

  • You get a puncture

This is the most obvious and urgent example of when you should change your tyre - if it is punctured, you can't stay on the road. If you can change it yourself with a spare, then you can get back to driving quickly, but these spares are often intended only to get you safely home and to the garage, where a more permanent tyre can be fitted. If you have suffered a puncture, don't hesitate to get in touch with Lowton Motor Company today - we can provide car tyres in Warrington, wherever you are.

  • Your tyres have worn down to the legal limit

As mentioned above, if your tyres have worn down too far, you will need to have them replaced before they become a hazard. You can identify a worn tyres by finding the wear indicator bars, which are raised bars at the base of your tyre tread: if they are level with the external level of the tread, your tyres are very close to the legal tread depth limit of 1.6mm - below this, it will be illegal to drive with them! If your tyres are worn and in need of replacement, you'll want to arrange new tyres in Warrington at a convenient place and time - Lowton Motor Company will be happy to help.